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Like a real "radio show", anyone can live broadcast their audio content. You can personalize your show by adding a cover image, a station name, and related tags.

Engage & Chat

Broadcast your personal story and sound using your own voice and instruments. Communicate with your friends and other like-minded people in chat rooms.

Support & Make Money

Purchase "Tin Can Coins" to buy animated stickers and filters to support your favorite hosts! You can also become a Radio Host and start making money!

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Sit back and simply listen to your favorite Radio Hosts on hundreds of different topics. It will help you sleep better too!

How to start Tin Can Radio

Some tips before you get started

1. Choose an image that will be displayed with your Radio Show title when other users discover you! It will also be shown as the background for the chatroom.

2. Come up with your own Radio Show title to give a small preview!

3. Select or create your own “tags” to allow listeners to discover your station.

4. After finalizing your tags, click the “next” button to continue and start your live session.

5. Create a hostname that best represents you. But don’t worry, you can change it anytime!

6. Share your live radio session with your friends.

7. Let your followers know when you will host your next live session.

8. Play your favorite music in the background using whatever music playing app you prefer. Find topics to explore and share your thoughts on!

9. And most importantly, stay connected and be yourself!

We strictly prohibit sexual, violent, and any illegal content. We will suspend your account and take authoritative action immediately if a user is responsible for violating the Tin Can Radio terms and policies.

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